Lisa Lewis, PT, MS

Mission statement:

My goal as a physical therapist specializing in pelvic floor therapy is to help you attain your specific goals by:

  • Providing patient-centered one-on-one skilled physical therapy
  • Providing a complete assessment of your pelvic floor as well as musculoskeletal system functioning
  • Listening carefully to your full history as I’ve found my patients are quite intuitive and often have a clear understanding of how their problems began
  • Creating a customized home exercise program based on assessment findings and patient reports designed to address your specific needs
  • Providing manual therapy as needed to help restore musculoskeletal balance including range of motion, control/coordination/timing and strength to facilitate functional pain-free movement including: soft tissue massage, myofascial release, strain counter-strain and stretching
  • Using modalities as needed to facilitate faster healing, such as EMG/biofeedback and possible referral for cold laser therapy
  • Providing education on anatomy and physiology to allow you to better understand your issues.  This knowledge will aid in your rehab process as you take an active role in your therapy
  • Referring you to other complementary clinicians as needed for complete healing

Assisting you in your path to healing is my primary goal.  Providing you with the tools you need to prevent/manage recurrences is important as it will restore your independence and decrease need for further care. 

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